Yule Post, vocalist/Leadsinger/artist standing infront of a building

YULE post

“Yule Post born in 1993 lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Yule, a multidisciplinary artist in music, performing arts and fine arts attempts to work ungoverned across different mediums. Her time spent abroad exploring new landscapes and mediums lent to the development of her improvisation and solo production practice. she discovered her strengths and developed her own style  - using her voice as an instrument and has collaborated with a variety of different musicians, coming from all kinds of genres.


Her work has been broadcasted/exhibited on Australian National Radio, Triple J and National University Art Galleries. She has worked as a commisioned mural painter for Lentil as Anything Thornbury, Melbourne and has created a live visual set that she performed during her time spent overseas.

She has exhibited her large scale drawings at ://about Blank, Berlin. Since 2016 she is a part of the Berlin based collective KAOS Berlin, where she has shown her work at a variety of different Events such as Nachschicht. You can check out KAOS and her work here.


With her band ACHSO she has recorded an EP with the name „it´s a light“ (listen to it here).
In Autumn 2019 the Band will release their first Album.


“Collaboration is key - working with other artists and producers has opened a whole new perspective for me.“

Yule is constantly exploring and working on her own productions -  searching for new sounds, people to work together with and is currently focuses on a live show concept and aims to release her first solo EP mid this year!


                                                                         Listen to her sound here.
                                                                         Check out her visual work here.

Photo: David Dollmann